W H E R E  D O  Y O U  S H I P  T O ?

Our Touch Bracelets ship to Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden,  UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the US. All our other products ship internationally for free.

C A N  I  T R A C K  M Y  O R D E R  ?

Yes, you can. If you send us an email to: lavandulashelp@gmail.com we will come back in that same day with an update on your product.


W H A T  I S  Y O U R  G U A R A N T E E ?

At Lavandulas, we value you and want to make sure you get premium quality from your order and receive good customer service alongside this. Our priority is ensuring you are happy with your product and with the service we gave you. 


W H Y  B U Y  M Y  P R O D U C T  H E R E? 

Here, at Lavandulas, we offer competitive prices, beautiful products and a story to each necklace. We started this product so people could share happiness with others through their love. Our passion is bringing joy to people when they wear their ring, or necklace or bracelet. 


A R E  Y O U  O N L I N E?

Yes! You can find us @lavandulasusa on Instagram! Make sure to add us and send us a DM of your photo for a voucher. Please email lavandulashelp@gmail.com


N E W  P R O D U C T S ?

Every 2 weeks a new product is added to our website and becomes available to purchase. 

B R A N D  A M B A S S A D O R S?

If you are interested in advertising our products, please send us a Direct Message on Instagram and we will be back to you soon.


If we didn't answer your question please send us an email lavandulashelp@gmail and will respond promptly. 

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